What happens after information has been submitted?

Once information has been submitted to HealthTech Connect it is available for Data Accessors to view.

Each Data Accessor independently reviews the information that has been submitted to find out if the technology is suitable for their organisation to progress. The time taken to do this, and each organisation's 'offer' varies. You can view each organisation's timeline and find out more about what it offers here.

What happens next

  • The technology matches with an organisation's offer:  the innovator will be contacted by the Data Accessor from that organisation to discuss what is on offer and the next steps. In some cases offers may come from more than one Data Accessor organisation.
  • The technology does not match with any organisation's 'offer': nothing further happens. Some Data Accessors may contact the innovator to explain their decision. In most cases, the reason for not progressing is because relevant information is missing or currently unavailable. For example a technology may not be at a suitable stage of development, it may not have the appropriate regulatory approvals in place, or more clinical evidence is needed. In these cases the technology can be reconsidered if the HealthTech Connect submission is updated by the innovator. 

HealthTech Connect does not make a 'final' decision about a technology.