Registering your technology with HealthTech Connect is split into 2 phases: 

Phase 1 initial registration

  • Enter details about yourself.
  • Read the terms and conditions. Once you've agreed to them you can begin entering data by answering questions about your technology, but you won't be able to submit the data until Phase 2 of the registration process is complete.
  • Your data will only be visible to you during this time.

Phase 2 validation

  • Someone from the HealthTech Connect team will email you within 2 working days about your registration in more detail. 
  • You, or a company director, will be asked to confirm that you have authority to answer questions and enter data onto HealthTech Connect. 
  • Once confirmation has been provided, you will be informed and will be able to submit any data that you have already entered.
  • Submitting the data makes it available for approved Data Accessors to review so that they can provide you with advice and support. You can control who you share your data with.