Cerebrotech Visor & support from NIHR

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

The NIHR Trauma Management MedTech Co-operative has collaborated with Cerebrotech Medical Systems in the evaluation of the Cerebrotech Visor, a non-invasive device which enables real-time assessment of the brain’s status following strokes and other brain injury.

A range of additional support was provided including:

  • assisting with applications for grant funding
  • advice on the introduction of the Visor into European markets, and associated beta testing
  • undertaking a feasibility study in healthy volunteers to determine how changes in head position alter the device readings
  • evaluation and risk assessment of the user interface
  • and data management, analysis, and user interface recommendations.

Visit the NIHR website to read the case study in full https://www.nihr.ac.uk/documents/case-studies/development-of-a-real-time-non-invasive-monitoring-system-for-the-assessment-of-brain-injury/23910