How do innovations get added to HealthTech Connect?

Information is added to the database by innovators

Innovators (those that have developed or are planning on developing a technology) or people working on behalf of innovators (such as distributors and market access consultants) add information by responding to a question set.

Download the question set 

Innovators control what information is provided- questions can be left blank, and responses can be updated or amend at any time, even after the responses have been submitted. This enables innovators to use HealthTech Connect to build up their information and 'case' as their technology develops.

Information can be added at any stage of technology development

Technologies at any stage of development can be added to HealthTech Connect, from idea stage, right through to when it has been developed and is in use. The earlier the information is added, the greater the opportunity there is to find out about help and support that is available, and the sooner the NHS or wider UK health and care system can begin planning for the potential widespread use of the technology. 

Some innovators worry that if they add information too early and before their technology is 'proven', they may be stopped from accessing the NHS, or the NHS may be told not to use the technology. This is not the case.