Welsh health specialised services committee

What it does

The Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) reimburses and makes available technologies that are used in specialised services in Wales. 

What it doesn't do

WHSSC does not have any responsibility for reimbursing and making available technologies that are:

  • used in non-specialised services in Wales
  • in development or where the benefits are unproven
  • only used in very specific circumstances and not all patients with the condition will be eligible to receive it

Data sharing

If your technology is identified as being potentially relevant for WHSSC, data may be shared externally with selected experts or groups that are bound by WHSSC and NHS Wales’ confidentiality agreements.

Response time

We will review the information you have submitted within 20 working days. You will only be contacted if we feel that your technology is potentially relevant for WHSSC. 

Further information

Welsh health specialised services committee website

email: WHSSC.GeneralEnquiries@wales.nhs.uk