NIHR office for clinical research and infrastructure

What it does

Supports companies in the development of new health technologies and in the generation of evidence of effectiveness and cost implications.The NIHR can support companies gain access to world-leading academic and clinical expertise across a very broad range of disease and technology areas. They support companies in the setup and management of trials and access to patient cohorts at a national and local level, as well as providing access to real world evidence / research data, clinical samples and research funding.

What it doesn't do

The NIHR does not support adoption of technologies into the NHS or the promotion of products which may be used by researchers. However, they do work closely with organisations supporting market access, adoption and dissemination, so have the ability to signpost to these organisations if requested. The NIHR does not support pre-clinical research.

Data sharing

If you choose to progress with the signposting service then the information you provide in the signposting form will be shared with NIHR Infrastructure and other relevant research organisations.

Response time

The team will review the information and contact you within 3 working days. If you decide to progress with the signposting process, once your completed form is received, we will return a response to you within 10 working days.

Further information

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