NHS England Specialised Commissioning

What it does

Identifies health technologies that require use in a specialised service in England, and develops contract products such as clinical commissioning policies or service specifications to ensure that those that are safe, effective, offer value for money, and are affordable are made available to patients.

What it doesn't do

Consider health technologies that are used in non-specialised services.

Data sharing

If your technology is identified for consideration, for example, as part of an NHS England clinical commissioning policy or service specification, data may be shared externally with selected experts that are bound by NHS England confidentiality agreements.

If your technology is not selected for consideration, data will not be shared.

Response time

The team will review the information you have submitted. You will only be contacted if your technology is going to be formally considered.

Further information

NHS England Specialised Commissioning website

email: england.CET@nhs.net