NHS England Innovation, research and life sciences

What it does

Through membership of the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and the continuing Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme, the Innovation, research and life sciences team supports the adoption of new technology, clinical pathways or software in NHS settings.

What it doesn't do

Mandate the use of new technologies or set National Tariff prices. Pathways to long-term adoption can be recommended, but the team cannot ensure that this will take place.

Data sharing

Data is used to assess the suitability of a technology for support through one of the innovation, research and life sciences programmes. If your technology is identified for consideration, data may be shared externally with selected experts that are bound by the NHS England confidentiality agreements. 

Response time

Information on Health Tech Connect will be reviewed on a weekly basis. Queries will be initially responded to within 5 days.

Further information

NHS England Innovation, research and life sciences website

email: England.innovation@nhs.net