Life Sciences Hub Wales

What it does

Life Sciences Hub Wales is an arm’s length body of Welsh Government created to drive systematic change and generate health, care and economic benefits for the people and communities of Wales. Its role is to drive the development and adoption of innovative health and social care solutions through collaboration. It supports the life sciences industry, working with partners in health and social care, industry, and academia to improve outcomes for the people and health and care system in Wales.

We will support senior leaders across the health and care sector to identify, develop and deploy innovation that will improve citizen outcomes and system performance at both a local and national level.

Our vision is to help Wales become the place of choice for health, care and wellbeing innovation.

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions for better health and wellbeing.

What it doesn't do

Life Sciences Hub Wales does not undertake or fund primary research or fund innovation adoption.

Data sharing

Life Sciences Hub Wales will share the details of your product with select individuals and stakeholders (such as clinical experts) who are bound by confidentiality agreements. Life Sciences Hub Wales will liaise with you before sharing any data.

Response time

We will review the information you have submitted, usually within 20 working days. You will only be contacted if we feel that your technology is potentially relevant for Life Sciences Hub Wales. 

Further information

Life sciences hub Wales website