Access the data in HealthTech Connect

Organisations that meet the criteria below may apply for access to the data in HealthTech Connect. The application will be reviewed and a decision made by the HealthTech Connect Oversight and Governance Board.


  1. Is the organisation publicly funded and operates on a national level with a legitimate and clearly stated purpose for:
    • providing health and social care systems (or part of health and social care systems) who are requiring information on Health Technologies, which are available on a national level for the purpose of developing guidance, advice and policies, OR
    • commissioning or procuring health technologies, OR
    • supporting development or adoption of Health Technologies,
  2. And the organisation
    • must be committed to actively engaging with the HealthTech Connect system and participate in agreed collaborative and engagement processes as required by NHSE and/or the HealthTech Connect Team from time to time;
    • must be able to demonstrate relevant expertise within the Accessor Organisation and/or Data Accessor team relevant to the specific purpose for using HealthTech Connect;
    • must have skills and ability to incorporate information into a fair, accurate and balanced way;
    • must have policies and processes in place for handling Confidential Information.

How to apply

If your organisation meets the criteria above, you can request an application form and discussion with the HealthTech Connect team by emailing