Academic Health Science Network

What it does

Accelerate the uptake of innovation into the NHS where there is need, by providing a broad range of support to companies, and input into policy development. We will help companies to navigate accessing the NHS and support adoption and spread for prioritised innovations.

What it doesn't do

AHSNs are not sales offices. The focus is to support uptake of proven innovative technologies and to provide guidance and assistance to innovators and innovative companies on where best to go for support.

Data sharing

Data is shared across the 15 AHSNs.  We understand the need for commercial confidentiality but we need to be able to share the offer and potential impact across the AHSN and the NHS if we are to enable uptake.

Response time

Information you have submitted will be reviewed within 60 days. You will be contacted if your technology matches NHS partner needs, or if there is support that can be offered.

Further information

Academic Health Science Network website