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  • Identifying and nurturing innovation

  • Raising the profile of transformative technology

  • Prioritising value-driven technologies for national evaluation

  • Enabling support from product development through to adoption

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Is it mandatory to enter information on HealthTech Connect?

It is not mandatory to enter information on HealthTech Connect, but market access may be delayed if your technology is not on the system.

You can enter information about your technology at any stage of its development. The earlier you enter the information, the more opportunities there will be to find out what support and options are available to you.

I want my technology to be considered by NHS Supply Chain. Do I need to enter it on HealthTech Connect?

It depends on whether your technology fits on an existing NHS Supply chain framework or not.

  • If your technology fits within an existing framework and offers similar benefits (e.g. a me too or line extension) it does not need to be submitted to Healthtech Connect. You should apply directly to NHS Supply Chain to have the product added to the framework as a ‘range extension’.
  • If your technology fits within an existing framework and offers additional benefits (e.g. a me too plus) it should be submitted to HealthTech Connect. If the additional benefits justify making the technology available, NHS Supply Chain will add it to the existing framework.
  • If your technology does not fit within an existing framework (e.g. a first of its kind) it should be submitted to HealthTech Connect. If the technology offers additional benefit and is in the scope of NHS Supply Chain, NHS Supply Chain will provide a fast track route to market for the technology.

Further information is available on the NHS Supply chain website


What technologies should be entered on HealthTech Connect?

HealthTech Connect is not a catalogue of all available health technologies. Instead, it aims to identify and support health technologies that offer measurable benefits to patients and/or the UK health and care system.

Data should only be entered on HealthTech Connect for technologies that either:

  • offer measurable benefits to patients (or other health and care service users) compared to those already offered by current routine practice in the UK, or
  • provide measurable benefits to the UK health and care system compared to those already offered by current routine practice in the UK.

The following technologies are unlikely to be relevant for HealthTech Connect and data about them shouldn't be entered:

  • product line extensions, unless these are associated with additional measurable benefits
  • iterations of existing technologies, unless these are associated with additional measurable benefits


Will everyone in the NHS have access to details about my technology?

A limited number of people working on behalf of an approved Accessor organisation can access HealthTech Connect.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will not have access to HealthTech Connect unless they also have a role in one of the approved Accessor Organisations and are registered to use the system as a Data Accessor on behalf of the Accessor Organisation. 



Who can see the information that I enter on HealthTech Connect?

The information entered on HealthTech Connect, who sees it and the availability of it is controlled by you.

If you choose to share your data, only people from approved Accessor Organisations will have access to it. 

What are the risks of using HealthTech Connect?

There are no risks! 

By using HealthTech Connect you may be able to benefit from faster access to support and national evaluation. 

HealthTech Connect will not 'blacklist' or stop technologies from being developed or used.  

If your technology is selected by one of the accessor organisations, you will be able to discuss and agree next steps with the accessor organisation. The technology will not be pulled into a process without you knowing. 

What information do I have to enter?

There are no mandatory questions in HealthTech Connect. You can choose which questions you want to answer, and you can keep updating your answers as your technology develops and progresses.  

The question set can be viewed here.


I've heard about NICE Connect, is it the same as HealthTech Connect?

NICE Connect is not the same as HealthTech Connect. 

NICE Connect is a programme that NICE is running to transform the way it produces and presents information to users. It will focus on enabling users to find information on the NICE website more quickly and easily. If you would like further information about NICE Connect please email